You are looking for a winterstorage? We have ample place inside and outside of our own boat depot.
The 2012 renewed winter warehouses extend over 2,800 square meters and is located conveniently on the A7 between Schleswig and Rendsburg.

Of course, we offer all the services a yacht needs during the winter storage.
Our modernized yacht full service includes the Motor Service, polishing the outer skin, cleaning the water tank, laying the mast and of course a safe bock.

On request, we will perform the service reliably during the winter months, so that the yacht is finished in spring and ready to sail. However, we also offer external service companies access to each yacht at 7 days and 24 hours a week.

Thanks to our full service, the customer has only one contact for the whole package.
In addition, our office and the workshop is open throughout the year and thus always busy at the venue and therefore especially safe.